It has been said that it “takes a village to raise a child”. The idea being that raising a child is more than just what the parents can do but is also a function of many others – teachers, relatives, friends and influences from society. In that same way it can be said that it takes a village to raise awareness. Anyone who is on a spiritual path can, and hopefully does, have amazing experiences with teachers or on their own that wake them to the possibilities we all possess. But to sustain that experience, to keep that awareness alive it often takes support from others. Certainly it makes it easier to stay on the path to awareness with support.

Aware Village is an online community that seeks to provide some of that support. In our hectic and sometime fragmented world it can be difficult to maintain a sense of community. Even if you have a spiritual group you are working with you may find that things change over time – people move, people grow, the only constant is change. Our intention is that Aware Village is a place where people can always check in with others – get support, ask questions, vent, share a joke and remind themselves they are not alone on their journey to greater self awareness.

Aware Village is dedicated to building links and bridges between spiritual seekers of all types. We are open to all that are open to all. What that means is that the only requirement for participation is being open to others and understanding that there is no one way on the path to greater awareness. We hope that people will be passionate about their path and want to share with others. But that passion must always be tempered with the understanding that what you see as the truth might not be a vibrational match for someone else and their passion may not hit the spot with you. But if we respect each other than we can all learn and appreciate that other view – always recognizing the Divine in it all.

Aware Village is free for all to join. We also offer a paid membership for those who wish to explore a little bit more deeply. Details on the paid membership can be found here. To get started just click here or on the Register button on the main menu.

We are very happy to have you join our village of seekers – may your life be filled with love, light and happiness.